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 Floral Park Tree Program Changes

Super Storm Sandy was an unprecedented event for many in our lifetime and, while it caused damage in our Village, the resiliency of our Village family is second to none. With most of the repairs from Super Storm Sandy complete, our Village is left with a new dilemma.  That dilemma is the care and maintenance of over 6,000 trees in a new and modern way.

The answer is not so simple but is feasible. Super Storm Sandy and the thousands of inquiries from our concerned residents have resulted in a complete revamping of our tree division in the Department of Public Works. New equipment, added personnel and a modern, systematic approach will enable the Public Works Department to care and maintain all of our trees for years to come.

In the past, the practice of responding to tree maintenance was based on complaint driven actions. Basically, a resident would call requesting some type of service to their tree. The tree crew would respond and time permitting, some tree maintenance would be interspersed between the complaint responses. Sandy has taught us that this old way just wasn’t enough.

To that end, a new, improved, pro-active program is being implemented to service all of our Village curb trees. It’s intent is simple. No longer will our residents have to call about having their tree pruned, trimmed or maintained.

The aspects of the plan are as follows:

·                       All trees will be maintained on a routine basis as our tree crews go block-by-block, systematically reviewing every tree and performing the maintenance work required. No block will be finished until every tree on that block has been reviewed and/or maintained.


·                      The services of a professional Arborist will be employed in conjunction with our sidewalk replacement program to also remove and replace those trees in an effort to limit our sidewalks, curbs & streets from being lifted soon after they are replaced.


·                      Professional tree removal companies will be employed on an “on-call” basis to remove problem trees and to supplement the work being performed by our own Village crews.


·                       A new tree maintenance truck and equipment will be delivered shortly offering a larger boom and more flexibility and safety for our tree maintainers. This will give better access to those trees being worked on.


·                      Contracts for emergency pruning, emergency tree removal and crane rentals are being put in place to prepare for future storms should the need arise.


·                      Tree Replacement:  Wire and sidewalk friendly trees will replace those taken down based upon recommendations from the Village contracted Arborist and LIPA (PSEGLI). 


The need to revamp our tree department activities came as a result of lessons learned from Super Storm Sandy and also from the input, care and concern of our staff at Public Works. We are lucky to have such consummate professionals working in our Village and whose concern for our residents goes above and beyond in many cases. It is our residents who deserve the best services possible and to that end, it is the full intention to see this new tree program work.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Dominick A. Longobardi, Trustee
                                                                                                                                                                                            Department of Public Works Commissioner

                                                                                                                                                                                            Steve Siwinski, Public Works Superintendent


Tree Department

The Village Tree Department is vital to keeping our trees healthy and safe. The tree crew consists of a team of three.

Now and then a storm will take a tree down. The crew tries to remove it as quickly as possible, day or night. We like to see a fallen tree replaced with a young, healthy tree, as each young tree represents an investment in the Village’s future.

Arbor Day

Arbor Day was first proclaimed on March 12, 1874.   Yearly, the Village observes the day with a special planting and public education program. In keeping with this tradition, tree crew members are always encouraged to attend programs related to various aspects of their work, including safety in handling equipment. In addition, the Public Works Department has maintained a membership in the Long Island Arbor Association and has secured reference and in-service educational material.  The Village realizes the importance of maintaining trees in our suburban environment and will continue with its comprehensive tree program.


The Village has $500 in the tree budget for an arborist. Whenever a special problem arises, the advice of a tree expert has been most helpful in saving trees.

Tree Planting Program

Our Village tree program is a model program. It calls for the planting of an average of 125 trees annually. Healthy trees are never removed unless deemed hazardous or diseased. Because of the aging population of trees, particularly maples, nearly 150 trees are removed each year. The familiar orange “X” can be seen on these trees as contractors prepare to remove them.

Suburban Trees

Certain species of trees thrive well in suburban areas. Tree disease can travel from one tree to another quite easily. For this reason, today like-species are not planted next to one another. Each year, species are selected on the basis of availability. The cost of a single tree depends on the diameter of the trunk. Contracts for trees and planting are awarded through a bidding process.

A tree ordinance was enacted by the Village to require all utilities to secure a permit to enter the Village to do necessary tree trimming. They are required to notify the resident when tree trimming is planned. Utilities must inform the Department of Public Works of the date and location the tree work will begin.

Residents are encouraged to have one or more trees planted by their homes. There is no charge. A tree list is maintained at the Department of Public Works. Just call 326-6320 to place your residence on the list. The department also does spot checks to find locations for trees. Follow-up visits are made to discuss the possibility with the property owners.

Wire-Friendly Trees

In 1996, the first wire-friendly trees were introduced into Floral Park. This grew out of LIPA’s wire friendly tree program.

LIPA offers a $25 rebate for every wire-friendly tree planted. Most of these trees reach a height of approximately 35 feet, and the trunk and main branches are unlikely to cause a problem in later years. Therefore, they remain more attractive, stable, and healthy. Every year, approximately 60 wire-friendly trees are planted within the Village.

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